Films I’ve Watched 2020 Onwards

A page to track the films I’ve watched from 1 January 2020 onwards. If there is a more in-depth review i will post a link to this.

  1. Escape Plan 3: Extractors watched 3 January 2020. Rating 3/5. I didn’t watch the first in this series but accidentally watched the second as hubby put it on while i was reading. The third was OK, nothing earth shattering and a little lame in places.
  2. Bombshell watched 10 January 2020. Rating 4/5. The actors in this film were extremely well cast and the story was well told. It wasn’t full of action but it was a good film and worth while watching. I like films that are based on true stories as it gives you an insight into real life that you may not have otherwise been aware of.
  3. 1917 watched 18 January 2020. Rating 5/5.  This film was a masterpiece and one of the best i’ve watched in a long time. The story wasn’t ground breaking but the cinematography was epic. I often play with my phone while watching TV and films but for almost 2 hours, it lay untouched as this film demanded all of your attention for every single minute. I thought it would make me cry but this didn’t happen until the film had finished and i saw the dedication from Sam Mendes. When i found out he also wrote the film, it completely got me that he wrote this film for his grandfather and the story came from real life.
  4. Hustlers watched 25 January 2020. Rating 3.5/5. Another film inspired by true events and this one was really good. Jennifer Lopez is totally my woman crush and she was fabulous in this film. Yes, it is a film about exotic dancers and hustling but the characters felt genuine and real. Again very little phone playing during this film (a true sign of a good film).
  5. The Hustle watched 9 February 2020
  6. 21 Bridges watched 15 February 2020
  7. Dark Waters watched 14 March 2020
  8. Spenser Confidential watched 21 March 2020. Rating 4/5.
  9. Bad Boys for Life watched 28 March 2020. Rating 3/5.
  10. Midway watched 11 April 2020. Rating 5/5.
  11. Emma (new version) watched 19 April 2020. Rating 2.5/5.
  12. The Gentlemen watched 25 April 2020. Rating 4/5.
  13. Extraction watched 1 May 2020. Rating 2.5/5.
  14. Mary Poppins Returns watched 21 May 2020. Rating 4/5.
  15. Greyhound watched 11 July 2020. Rating 3.5/5.
  16. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom watched ?? Rating 4.5/5.