Films I’ve Watched Aug 2016 – Dec 2019

I’ve set up this page to keep track of the new films I’ve seen. I’m not going to make thing too complicated, simply listing the films, the date finished, a score out of ten and of course my opinion of the film.

  1. Patriot Games (1992) watched 13/08/2016 Rating: 5/10. This film is 24 years old but it certainly didn’t feel like it had add that much. The film was pretty cheesy and there were some fairly unrealistic elements to the film. Harrison Ford is brilliant as always however I think I watched this film as it’s one of those that you feel you should have watched (I think there will be a good few of those to come).
  2. Bridesmaids (2011) watched 19/08/2016 Rating: 7/10. The ladies I work with have been hassling me to watch this film for months as it is one they love. So with my hubby meant to be working until 9.30pm, I thought what better opportunity. To be honest I think I’ll need to give this another viewing am I’m certain there are bits I missed or didn’t take in and it didn’t help that hubby came home halfway through and then kept interrupting me! Definitely a chick flick, very funny in parts but kind of left me wanting more at the end – how did her life end up?
  3. Jason Bourne (2016) watched 04/09/2016 Rating: 6/10. I’ve heard some reviews about this film, including one from a work colleague, that were less than favourable and I’ve also heard reports that Matt Damon only says 266 words during the whole film. But do you know what, I really enjoyed the film. There was lots of action, which made up for the lack of story line, and despite knowing how many words the main character says, I didn’t feel like it had a negative impact. Definitely not the best of the ‘Bourne’ films but still thoroughly enjoyable for a Sunday night.
  4. Mechanic Resurrection (2016) watched 02/10/2016 Rating: 2/10. I’ve seen some pretty bad films in my time but this one was bad. Most people have come to expect a certain format from a Jason Statham film – fighting, lots of explosions and some completely unrealistic action scenes. This film delivered all that within the first 10 minutes and then it all fell apart. Enter Jessica Alba and about 30 minutes of completely forced storyline (yes, storyline in a Jason Statham film)!  Being that we sat down for a relaxing Sunday evening, hubby and I decided enough was enough and turned this off after 50 minutes (with 50 minutes to go). I’m giving this 2/10 because well Jason spent quite some time on a beautiful beach with no top on and the scenery was stunning, but that’s it. When the best thing about a film is the scenery there really isn’t much you can say. Disappointing all round I’m afraid, however I will hand it to Jessica Alba, she still looks smoking in a bikini!
  5. Inferno (2016) watched 16/10/2016 Rating: 7/10.
  6. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) watched 30/10/2016 Rating: 7/10. I love the X-Men series of films (although not so much the Wolverine ones) so when hubby said I could pick the film, this was my immediate choice. It’s a long film at 2 hours 27 minutes but it certainly doesn’t drag. The order in which these films have been produced could cause you to become very confused however after a couple of reminders from hubby I was on track. Although I tend to treat these films as stand alone as opposed to being continuations of a story and by doing this I think I enjoy the films even more. There was plenty of action in this film, lots of things going on and we both thoroughly enjoyed  it. The CGI in the film was pretty impressive and as with all the other X-Men films the line up of actors was outstanding. I will definitely be looking forward to the next film, whenever it comes, as this is one of the only film series that actually make me want to get up off the sofa and see it at the cinema (although we missed this one at the cinema so watched at home). My advice – SEE IT.
  7. The Big Short (2016) watched 04/12/2016 Rating: 7/10. I had not heard about this film so when hubby suggested watching this to end off our lazy Saturday I wasn’t sure. However I do like a good film based on real life events and this one is about the mortgage crash of 2007 in America (but which affected worldwide markets. The cast of this film was surprising but brilliant – Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell. What was refreshing was despite the stellar cast, not one of them took the limelight away from any of the others. I’m not a big maths and numbers fan normally, apart from at work where I love a good spreadsheet, but this film was brilliant. It gave you a real insight into what went on before the crash and it was shocking how few people predicted it and how so many people became complacent and never thought the worst could happen. And as we all know, it did happen. There was no action, no car chase scenes, just a lot of men in suits talking a lot of numbers, but a thoroughly enjoyable film.
  8. Sully (2016) watched mid-December Rating: 8/10. We’ve been having a bit of a based on true stories fest recently and this one was brilliant. Everyone knows the story so no surprises but it was interesting to see a film about what went on after the landing and see how the pilots were treated. Any sensible person can understand why they did the investigation but how they went about it was pretty shocking and the revelations that came out at the end were really surprising. I think the thing I enjoyed the most about this was that the film didn’t have what I call the ‘hollywood treatment’. They hadn’t gone overboard with dramatics, special effects or casting just for the name (although Tom Hanks is a big name). They kept it as true as they could. I won’t give anything away but my favourite part is the last two lines of the film – genius!
  9. Snowden (2016) watched 18/12/2016 Rating: 6/10. We’d already seen a documentary on Snowden so the content of the film did leave us with a feeling a déjà vu. However it didn’t stop it from being a good film. I enjoyed seeing more of the man and how he got into the position he did and also how he went about actually stealing the information – so simple. This film was described as pulse-pounding and whilst I certainly don’t agree with that description, it was an enjoyable film and a great watch for anyone who loves based on true story films or simply wants to find out more about real-life events.
  10. Bad Moms (2016) watched 27/12/2016 Rating: 6/10. My hubby and I took a risk with this film as we watched it at my parents’ house with my parents! Now there are a couple of scenes that you probably wouldn’t want to watch with your parents unless they are fairly relaxed, much less watch with your in-laws (as was my hubby’s situation) however they everyone laughed in the right places and overall it was a very enjoyable film. We simply wanted something fluffy without too much thinking as the chances of my mum falling asleep are pretty high and that was exactly what you got from this film. It was predictable but at the same time the angle that the story is told from is pretty original. I do love Kristen Bell who was in this and the people playing the parts were all well picked. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to cringe, giggle and forget about your responsibilities for 1 hr 40 minutes. Oh and do stay on and watch the credit as there are some real life hilarious clips of the actors and their mums.
  11. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) watched 30/12/2016 Rating: 5/10. This is the second film in the Jack Reacher series of films and for anyone who may not be aware, Jack Reacher is the main character in a series of books written by Lee Childs. I’ve read about 5 or 6 of these books and they are good reads. However Lee Childs’ description of Jack is somewhat different from Tom Cruise, in fact it couldn’t be any different. From reading the books Jack should be at least 6’3, looks like he could take out pretty much any man without too much effort, he served in the forces and should have a pretty rugged look. Now Tom Cruise is about 5’6, doesn’t look like he served in the forces and is by no means rugged – he has sort of a ruffled, groomed look. The actual film itself wasn’t bad but certainly nothing to write home about and to be honest I’m writing this review five days later and I’m struggling to remember much of the detail which I think speaks volumes about the impact this film had on me. Great film if you love Tom Cruise but otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother.
  12. Star Wars: Rogue One (2016) watched 31/12/2016 Rating: 7/10. Unless we are going to some big, organised event, hubby and I are probably consider pretty boring when it comes to New Year’s Eve. So we’ve formed a bit of a tradition whereby we go to the cinema mid/late afternoon then head home for a yummy (and most likely naughty) tea and then watch the fireworks and welcoming in the New Year. So this year’s film was of course Star Wars. I’ve pretty much seen all the other films but with this being eighth in the franchise I tend to get a little confused with the order of things so have been treating the newer ones as standalone films instead of trying to read too much into them. Out of all of the films, Rogue One was definitely the easiest to treat as a standalone film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did think it was a little too long and could have perhaps benefited from being about 30 minutes shorter but I think that was also partly to do with the fact the cinema was really warm and a little uncomfortable. Now I knew that there was one character in the film that had been done solely with a computer generated face but it wasn’t until we left that I realised who it was, so hands down this element was flawless. The other surprise was the fact I cried at the end. Watching this film so close to the passing of Carrie Fisher was bound to make it a little more emotional for some but I didn’t even think she was in the film. However the very last scene was her face (young version) simply saying the word ‘hope’ – and this made me cry just a little. I think it was more the fact it was unexpected. Overall it was a very enjoyable film and I would recommend it to anyone, Star Wars fan or not.
  13. John Wick (2014) watched 31/12/2016 Rating: 8/10. OK yes we watched two films on New Year’s Eve but in our defence Star Wars started at 1.40pm so we were home by 5pm! We had seen the trailer for the sequel to this film and questioned why we hadn’t watched the first so thought, why not give it a go? I’ll keep this short. We loved it – just enough plot line to keep you interested with an element to really pulls on the heart strings, masses of violence (the proper sort) and a little dark humour. We will definitely be watching the next one.
  14. Goodfellas (1990) watched 07/01/2017 Rating: 7/10. I’ve been trying to watch this film for years. It’s always on at about 11pm (obviously due to the content) and as such I manage to stay awake for the first half an hour before falling asleep. So when I saw this was on and I was feeling wide awake despite it being 10.30pm I hoped this would be the time I made it all the way through. And I did!! Now this is a gangsta movie but a good one. It has masses of swearing, violence and murder in it and it has a pretty high body count. In fact pretty much everyone ends up dead by the end of the film. I like the fact that was narrated and the angle from which is was told. It was very old school and from everything I’ve read, very true to the mob back in the day (I can’t be doing with any of these modern day mob shows that are basically reality shows which we all know are fake and scripted). If you don’t mind a good amount of old fashioned violence then you will definitely enjoy this film. I’m basically more chuffed that I actually managed to stay awake for a 3 hour film that started at 10.30pm!
  15. The Accountant (2016) watched 14/01/2017 Rating: 7/10. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this film, perhaps lots of maths but the film certainly had an unexpected element. Considering Ben Affleck was the lead in this film, I was shocked by the amount of violence, however it definitely felt like necessary violence in terms of the film and the storytelling. There were a couple of really interesting plot twists involving the main characters brother and the man trying to track him down. There was one major twist that I actually completely missed until I was reading something online afterwards, which was surrounding the computer generated voice that keep communicating with ‘The Accountant’. I’m not going to give away the twists but this is definitely one film that didn’t match my expectations but at the same time exceeded them by being a really well throughout out film with a great cast playing interesting characters. Apart…… from Anna Kendrick who to be honest was an absolute wet blanket in this film and really didn’t add much to the story.
  16. Concussion (2015) watched 15/01/2017 Rating: 6/10. This was a really interesting film that took an awful while to get going and to be honest it was what I would describe as a slow burner, particularly as there was never any expectation of masses of action. Despite this film being based on true events, it was something I had very little knowledge of – probably because this was a film about the NFL and American football which doesn’t get much coverage in the UK. My hubby is a big NFL fan having played when he was in school (in the UK) and I’ve definitely developed a real interest in it since meeting him. So this film was especially interesting to watch and we actually came away with a very different view on the sport and the body that controls the sport. Will Smith played the lead role really well and the supporting cast supported very well. I wouldn’t recommend this film unless you have a real interest in American football and even then, if you don’t object to the violent elements of the game, you might not enjoy much of this film.
  17. Erin Brockovich (2000) watched 21/01/2017 Rating: 7/10. We actually only watched this film on Saturday night as we couldn’t decide what else to watch and we do love a good legal based film. I know this film got rave review when it came out 17!!! years ago but it never really interested me. Why I’m not sure, in fact before Saturday I’m not sure I even knew what it was about. However we thoroughly enjoyed this film, despite the story feeling like things we’ve seen on other programmes (we watch a lot of TV and film in case you hadn’t guessed!). Again this was another film based on true events and I thought Julia Robert’s played the lead role very well. I thought the relationships and interaction she had with some of the other characters, especially her boss, were really well portrayed. This is a character film so don’t expect anything other than a great cast, playing great characters, telling a compelling story.
  18. Arrival (2016) watched 11/02/2017 Rating: 4/10. This was my husband’s and I wasn’t too fussed about watching this film. For good reason. It was all a bit too easy – so she’s the only one who could do the translation in the whole country and she magically worked out how to communicate within 2 visits – really?! Also who just willingly goes up into an alien spacecraft without a second thought – no-one I know that’s for sure. There were some big name actors in this film but that doesn’t always guarantee a good film. Also the whole story and the way it was told felt disjointed and the flashbacks/time travel thing (if that’s what it was) was just weird. Oh and of course the lead characters get together in the end – so predictable. Overall, I really would’t bother with this film (although if you’ve read this you won’t need to as I’ve spoiled it for you), unless however you either love the Amy Adams or you really love films about aliens.
  19. Hidden Figures (2017) watched 18/02/2017 Rating: 7.5/10.  I think it probably clear to see I love films that are based on true stories – real life always makes for better films unless you are looking for some hardcore action. What i wasn’t expecting with this film is that it made for pretty uncomfortable viewing. Having been born at the start of the 80’s I’ve never lived in a society that segregates in the way blacks were segregated in the 60’s (and many other times). Just simple things like going to the bathroom were a huge deal for the women in this film. However the overall feeling of the film was that of celebration. Firstly celebrating the amazing task of getting a man into space and all that needed to be done to achieve that, but also the incredible work done by these hugely talented women, that I’m certain 99% of the world had no idea about. In the 60’s for this work at NASA to be done by a women was unusual but for it to be one by a black women was phenomenal. There are definitely parts of this film that make you want to cheer and I was left with such a sense of satisfaction at the end of this film. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Even my husband thoroughly enjoyed the film.
  20. The Founder (2016) watched 26/02/2017 Rating: 5.5/10.  This film is another true story film which we’ve been watching a lot of recently. It tells the true story of how Ray Kroc, a salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s and the subsequent rise of McDonalds. Michael Keaton plays the lead character and overall the cast was good. However this film simply told a story, no glitter or glitz and no real over the top drama, just the story. As such it made for an interesting film which felt much more like a documentary than a feature film. It was still very interesting to see how the company started out and the fact the original brothers never got the royalties they were promised (handshake agreement) was a shock. Definitely worth watching if you don’t know anything about the story.
  21. Bad Moms (2016) watched 27/10/2017 Rating: ?/10. 
  22. The Circle (2017) watched 11/11/2017 Rating: ?/10. 
  23. Dunkirk (2017) watched 16/12/2017 Rating: 7/10. This film was done really well and the didn’t go down the route of Hollywood-ing war. The music was amazing and at times the lack of dialogue had more impact than any words could. A slightly odd one to watch just before Christmas but a thoroughly good film that i would recommend to anyone.
  24. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) watched 06/02/2018 Rating: 8.5/10. I’ve loved all the Harry Potter films and have watched them many times so considering this was from the same franchise, I left it some time before watching. My hubby wasn’t keen but he enjoyed the film (although not quite as much as me). I will certainly be giving this one another watch before the next in the series comes out.
  25. The Foreigner (2017) watched 27/01/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  26. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008) watched 10/02/2018 Rating: 5.5/10. Another book to film adaption and a book i’ve read this year. The book was brilliant even if it is aimed at the younger reader (i’m 38) but the film missed so much of what made the book so good. The innocence of the boy was completely lost in this film and it definitely didn’t leave you feeling the same way the book did.
  27. Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) watched 11/02/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  28. Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) watched 18/02/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  29. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) watched 06/02/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  30. Zero Dark Thirty (2012) watched 24/02/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  31. Atomic Blonde (2017) watched 03/03/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  32. The Greatest Showman (2017) watched 16/06/2018 Rating: 8.5/10. I resisted watching this film for quite a while and I’ve no idea why! After loving some of the soundtrack, I finally got round to watching the film and loved it. A really great feel-good film and the music is amazing. This is definitely one film I’ll want to watch again (and again).
  33. Looper (2012) watched 07/07/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  34. Me Before You (2016) watched 14/07/2018 Rating: 5/10. Another film adaption of a book and as expected it was a disappointment. I read the book very recently so it was fresh in my mind. But this missed so much of the book and the relationship between the two main characters and i felt they made the female lead too young and girly in the film. I have a friend who raved that the film was way better than the book but i have to disagree. I was glad when the book was finished and was even more glad when the film was over.
  35. The Girl on the Train (2016) watched 16/07/2018 Rating: 3/10. I’d given up trying to read the book that this film is based on because i didn’t like the style of the writing. I’m very glad i gave the book up after watching the film, because there is no way i’d have followed it. The film was very slow to get going, a bit washy in places and although it had a good twist at the end, it wasn’t good enough to redeem the other 85% of the film.
  36. The Butler (2013) watched 19/07/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  37. Battleship (2012) watched 20/07/2018 Rating: 6/10. Now who doesn’t enjoy a completely unrealistic action film involving aliens? The action was great, CGI pretty good, the plot was weak as anything and acting won’t be winning any awards but i do enjoy these sorts of films.
  38. Misconduct (2016) watched 21/07/2018 Rating: ?/10. 
  39. The Age of Adaline (2015) watched 22/07/2018 Rating: 5/10. This was a pretty nothing film, a nice story but nothing ground breaking or amazing. An enjoyable film for a wet Sunday afternoon when you don’t really want to think about anything.
  40. Unlocked (2017) watched 29/07/2018 Rating: ?/10
  41. To all the boys I’ve loved before watched 30/0/2018 Rating 5/10 This was just your basic boy meets girl and wasn’t anything special. There was an awful lot of hype around this film following the very successful series of books, none of which I have read.
  42. Ocean’s 8 watched 15/09/2018 Rating 8/10 I absolutely love the Ocean’s films and this one did not disappoint. Basically a group of bad-ass women pulling off a complex and brilliant heist – what wasn’t to love.
  43. Bridget Jone’s Diary watched 07/10/2018 Rating 6/10 Never really been on board with Renee playing Bridget – loved the first and second books (not even sure if there are others) but the films missed the mark for me. However I did enjoy the appearance of ‘McDreamy’ in this film.
  44. Skyscraper watcher 10/10/2018 Rating 7.5/10 Who doesn’t love a totally unrealistic action movie with crazy stunts and even crazier bad guys. Love ‘The Rock’ and although we won’t see him in Shakespeare any time soon, he sure does make a good film.
  45. Mission Impossible: Fallout watched 12/10/2018 Rating 6/10 I still don’t like Tom Cruise so this always tarnishes a film for me. Overall a good action film but it is always Tom’s supporting cast that seal the deal for me.
  46. Die Hard: 4.0 watched 02/11/2018 Rating 7/10 This gets a bit more than Mission Impossible but not quite as much as Skyscraper although it had it’s fair share of crazy action scenes. Almost always enjoy a Bruce Willis action film, not much else I can say.
  47. 6 Days watched 24/11/2018 Rating 7.5/10 Based on true events, it was a good display of an event in history, great cast and some well played characters.
  48. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society watched 27/12/2018 Rating 7/10 I was going to read the book first but I’ve got so many to read I decided I’d never get to see the film if I waited. Enjoyable film although it is in essence a love story. I do love period dramas/films and the war was a good back drop. I’m certain the book would have been far better as is often the case but this is probably a film I would watch over and over if it turns out to be the sort of film that is on tv all the time at point down the line.
  49. The Pianist watched 29/12/2018 Rating 8/10 An incredibly moving film that I’ve been putting off watching as it’s certainly not the cheeriest topics to watch however this film was brilliant. The characters were well portrayed and you really felt for them. The moment with the German guard towards the end was moving. And the music, incredible and as someone who loves classical music, it evoked a lot of emotions considering the subject matter of the film.
  50. Mark Felt watched 29/12/2018 Rating 5/10 A double film day and although Liam Neeson normally means a good film, this one felt very slow, probably because the true events happened just as slowly. Interesting to watch and see how a slice of history is dramatised.
  51. Marauders watched 01/01/2019 Rating 5/10 Another solid Bruce Willis film about a heist that was an enjoyable film but wasn’t memorable.
  52. Setup watched 19/01/2019 Rating 6.5/10 What a surprise, another Bruce Willis film – hubby’s choice normally not mine! Great cast and definitely better than the last one. Can you see a pattern in liking to watch films that are about heists and have a good bit of action.
  53. The Light Between Oceans watched 23/02/2019 Rating 5/10
  54. It’s So Romantic watched 09/03/2019 Rating 7.5/10
  55. Dumplin‘ watched 16/03/2019 Rating 8/10
  56. I Feel Pretty watched 28/04/2019 Rating 7.5/10
  57. Equaliser 2 watched 12/05/2019 Rating 4/10
  58. Bohemian Rhapsody watched 19/05/2019 Rating 8/10
  59. Widows watched 25/05/2019 Rating 6/10
  60. Hunter Killer watched 26/05/2019 Rating 5.5/10
  61. Gone Girl watched 09/06/2019 Rating 8/10
  62. Us watched 15/06/2019 Rating 6/10
  63. Triple Frontier watched 29/06/2019 Rating 6/10
  64. Escape Plan 2: Hades watched 30/06/2019 Rating 5/10
  65. Elizabeth: The Golden Age watched 07/07/2019 Rating 6/10
  66. Set It Up watched 13/07/2019 Rating 6/10
  67. What Men Want watched 17/08/2019 Rating 6/10
  68. John Wick 3 watched 28/08/2019 Rating 7/10
  69. Mary Queen of Scots watched 31/08/2019 Rating 8/10
  70. Yesterday watched 14/09/2019 Rating 8/10
  71. The Usual Suspects watched 28/09/2019 Rating 7/10
  72. Downtown Abbey watched 19/10/2019 Rating 9/10
  73. Angel Has Fallen watched 15/11/2019 Rating 7/10
  74. Murder on the Orient Express (new version) watched 23/11/2019 Rating 8/10
  75. Mississippi Burning watched 28/11/2019 Rating 8/10
  76. 6 Underground watched 21/12/2019 Rating 7/10
  77. Official Secrets watched 31/12/2019 Rating 8/10

I’m going to close this page and create another as this one spans three and a half years.