Review: Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

Format: Audiobook finished 9 March 2020

Rating: 4/5


What if you almost missed the love of your life?

Nadia gets the 7.30 train every morning without fail. Well, except if she oversleeps or wakes up at her friend Emma’s after too much wine.

Daniel really does get the 7.30 train every morning, which is easy because he hasn’t been able to sleep properly since his dad died.

One morning, Nadia’s eye catches sight of a post in the daily paper:

To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I’m the guy who’s always standing near the doors… Drink sometime?

So begins a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and the power of the written word.


I really enjoyed this light-hearted ‘romcom’ and I listened to the audiobook.

Twenty-nine year old Nadia has had a few hard relationships and is disillusioned with love. She wonders if she will ever find her perfect man? Her life was a bit of a muddle but she had a new plan and she will become a beacon of organisation and the rest will fall in place.
On the first day of her new plan she sees an advert in the ‘Love Connections’ column in the paper talking about “the cute blonde girl on the 7:30 train.” Could this be her?

Daniel is a romantic at heart but he lacks confidence. Making a promise to himself not to remain the underdog he places an advert on the ‘Love Connections’ column hoping to get the attention of the cute blonde girl on his morning train.

It was fun to read their ads back and forward (this element reminded me of The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary) and we follow them through a few near misses as their paths crossed and almost crossed several times.

I enjoyed the strong friendship theme of this book as well as the support and encouragement Nadia and her two best friends show for each other. There was a good undertone of feminism and an LGBTQ+ element as well. The friendships felt real and genuine.

The author covers issues like gaslighting, consent and toxic relationships without going too deep. There were lots of humours moments, as Nadia and Daniel deal with the minefield that is dating. This book kept me engaged and was a welcome break to the normal thrillers and crime I read and this was a well written and thought out book that reflected real life.

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