Review: Clean Break by Tammy Cohen

Format: Kindle finished 25 February 2020

Rating: 4.5/5


Marriage is complicated, especially for Kate. Her husband Jack has a temper on him, and has been an absent father for years. Kate knows it’s time for a divorce. The trouble is, Jack refuses. And now that he has found out Kate has met another man, his jealous rages escalate. Can Kate rid herself of her jealous husband before it’s too late?


This short story from Tammy is fantastic. Despite only taking about an hour to read, the whole book kept me captivated and I loved every word. Oh and the twist at the end was incredible.

The story switches between two viewpoints chapter by chapter – a husband and a wife. It’s the tale of their marriage and has such a hook for the reader.

The characters feel genuine and real and despite the length you certainly build up feelings for them (good and bad ones).

Again I cannot rave enough about the ending and the only reason this didn’t get 5/5 was because I wanted more than the 128 pages. Definitely not one to be missed and I’ll be looking for more short reads very soon.

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