Review: The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks

Format: Audiobook finished 14 February 2020

Rating 4/5

I originally read this book in 2018 and wanted to throw it across the room when I got to the end but that is not a bad thing.

I can’t go into any detail discussing this novel as it would cause far too many spoilers. All I can really say is that the characterisations are superb and even though the events in this book all occur in one location, the book builds much wider worlds. 

I do not enjoy books (unless in a series) that have a poor or rushed ending or ones that don’t close things off. But this book breaks that rule and you are left with an open ending which serves to raise more questions than it answers. This is not bad, in fact I loved the book even more because of it, as it makes you think about the bigger picture and this story certainly lingers on well after finishing it.

The Bunker Diary is an extremely disturbing and creepy book and the idea of the story line sends chills down my spine. It’s a psychological thriller that’s actually quite scary at times.

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