Review: The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz by Jeremy Dronfield

Format: Paperback finished 12 February 2020

Rating: 5/5

I have read several books about the Holocaust (fiction and non-fiction) but this one will stay with me. It has been the most graphic book that I have read about the atrocities that happened in the hands of the Nazi’s and the concentration camps.

This books details the story of the bond between father and son and the resilience they had, to stay alive from the cruelty and suffering in the concentration camps. This was a real eye opener for me as I discovered more about what happened then in other books I have read. This book was a real page turner for me and even though the subject matter is not to be liked, I couldn’t put this book down. 

Both a beautifully devastating and moving account from a Jewish family in Nazi occupied territory during the war. This was an incredibly detailed and well researched book; much of it is taken from the notes in the father’s diary and from eyewitness accounts.

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