Review: Silent Scream by Angela Marson

Format: Audiobook finished 5 February 2020

Rating: 3/5

Whilst this was an enjoyable book I did struggle with keeping up with some of the plot lines. Also it greatly irritated me that everything that happened in the book seemed to link back to the main detective. 

  1. The book was focused on a former children’s home. Kim was a foster home child and has spent time in children’s home.

    2. There are two sisters in the story, they are twins. Kim was a twin.

    3. Someone is mentally ill. Kim’s mother is mentally ill.

Also the other officers on the job all fit a mould – the cheeky, wise cracking one, the computer geek, the good friend and then Kim, the harsh boss. 

I did however enjoy the forensic and archaeological elements of this book. As I said there isn’t much else to say apart from I enjoyed listening to the book but it won’t leave a lasting impression and I don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to read any future books in the series (mostly because I’m also reading the Roy Grace series by Peter James and it reminded me of those).

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