Review: The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Format: Kindle book finished 18 January 2020

Rating: 3/5

I enjoyed this book for about 60% of it and until that point it was creepy, mysterious, and then kind of book you can’t put down. Then there was a plot twist and I had to read some parts twice to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood.

Most of this story is from Thursday’s POV. The way Thursday is portrayed really makes the read feel for her and want to help her get out of her situation.  Thursday is wife number 2 of 3! We see her supposedly ideal life and understand that she went into her situation with her eyes wide open and that she seemed happy with the situation. Thursday is the legal wife, not the other two.

I didn’t like that the wives were all referred to by the day of the week that they go their ‘husband’ – it felt degrading and took away from who each woman was. But I’m guessing that’s how Seth (the husband) liked things.

I really enjoyed seeing Thursday’s downward spiral into obsession which progressed slowly. I think my favourite scene was when she ended up going out with a work colleague who confessed her situation to Thursday and Thursday in returned confessed about her situation. It felt like such an important moment of bonding between two characters.

There is a big an unexpected twist at the end and despite it being written very well, it left me wanting more and because of that I just didn’t like the ending – it felt like so much was missing.

I’m not sure if the entire book lived up to the hype around it but the first 60% certainly did and it definitely had me hooked enough to keep going until the end.

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